Mitchell’s Fish Market Tampa, Yelp Elite Event #EWIC

Mitchell’s Fish Market Tampa, Yelp Elite Event #EWIC


So Every Week I Cheat #ewic, which means that once or twice a week I have a cheat meal…not a cheat day…but a cheat meal, and the rest of the days I follow a clean eating plan that has moderate carbs and fats, and a little higher protein. So if you are someone like me who follows a nutritional plan to keep their body in tip top shape, its important to also have “scheduled cheats”. I like to say scheduled because when you don’t schedule and cheat here and there…things can get out of control. Its best to be consistent and try to schedule them. I’ve talked about this before, but here are some benefits of having a cheat meal:

  • Increase energy levels and muscle glycogen levels
  • Increase your performance in your training sessions
  • Increase metabolism
  • Help you deal with feeling of restriction when dieting or clean eating. Allows for balance and not complete deprivation.

Ok so in case you don’t know about Yelp or, it’s a site where you can go to write and read awesome reviews about businesses in your local area. I yelp when ever I’m local or  travel to help me find the best salad, burger, pizza, sweet potato fries, hair salon, nail shop…you name it! Well since I have been writing so many reviews I became an “Elite Yelper” and I get invited to these awesome FREE events!!! At the Nerds Night Out Yelp event last night ( events are usually themed), we had a 4 course meal at Mitchells Fish Market. I had never been there before so I definitely made sure to  schedule my cheat meal for this event. First let me note that there were at least 8 different drinks at the bar that were  complimentary and unlimited ranging from mojitos and martinis to glasses of wine.  To start we were served apps that included fried calamari, pretzel bread sticks with cheese, and cheese dip. For entree we had crab cake with this corn salsa and salmon with roasted peppers, and for dessert we had samples of carrot cake, key lime pie, and chocolate creme brulee ( which was delish). The service and food were amazing! So if you have a cheat meal every week like I do, start Yelping about your favorite places and maybe you can even become “Elite” and  start getting some of those cheat meals free!

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